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Frat Investigated for Allegedly Using a Color-Coding Scheme to Determine Which Girls to Roofie

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A frat at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is being investigated by police after members allegedly employed a “color-coding system” to determine which girls at its party should be roofied.

The Journal-Sentinel reports that three girls and one boy landed in the hospital last weekend when they were unable to walk or talk after leaving a party at the Tau Kappa Epsilon frat house. The girls were each found with red Xs on their hands; the man had a black X but reportedly drank from one of the girl’s cups.

Students said the frat bros were pouring drinks out of sight, and that some vodka drinks appeared “cloudy.” They also said that girls — specifically “hot girls — were allowed to purchase $8 notecards that gave them access to the entire house and allowed them to receive free drinks from one of the bars.

From the Journal-Sentinel:

One [woman] told officers that a Facebook posting said Tau Kappa Epsilon had tried to “roofie” women — that is, give women a “date rape” drug that renders them unconscious — during the party the night before. She recalled a fraternity member got upset when she went behind the bar to pour drinks and was physically removed. She also told officers she had a “weird feeling and sensation prior to blacking out.”

One student has been arrested in connection to the incident.

In totally unsurprising related news, the same frat was investigated last year for three sexual assault reports.

Wisconsin Frat Investigated for Roofie Scheme