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Woman Named Isis Would Really Like It If You Stopped Using the Term ISIS

A 38-year-old Miami woman named Isis Martinez is fed up with the media using the term ISIS to describe the Islamic State, the jihadist network terrorizing parts of Iraq and Syria. You see, her name is Isis, and frankly she had that name before this whole ISIS thing happened, so could you guys maybe use ISIL instead?

With the support of fellow Isises, Martinez has created a petition for the media and others to use the acronym “ISIL” instead of ISIS.”

Martinez refuses to change her name or go by her middle name, Teresa.

People don’t know me as Teresa, they know me as Isis,” she said, according to Fusion. “If I do that, then the terrorists win.”

… but what about people named Isil?

Woman Named Isis Petitions Against Term ISIS