2014’s Worst Possible Halloween Costumes

Every year, humanity is given a fresh chance to enjoy a perfectly lovely All Hallows’ Eve, and every year we completely screw it up with racist, sexist, and otherwise offensive costumes. It’s not even officially Halloween yet, and people have already ruined it for the rest of us. Come, take a tour through the haunted house of totally tasteless costumes, 2014 edition.

1. Ray and Janay Rice

The Baltimore Ravens player was fired from the team after video of him knocking his wife unconscious in an elevator surfaced online, which is exactly why you should not dress as him for Halloween. And yet.

2. Ray and Janay Rice, Blackface Edition

Sorry, did you think the Ray and Janay Rice costume couldn’t get any worse? Well, here’s somebody’s parents dressed up as the couple, with the added offense of blackface, which is never acceptable (as if that needed an explainer).

3. Also Just, Like, Any Costume That Involves Blackface

Can’t believe I even have to spell this out for you, smh.

4. ISIS Fighters

Islamic State fighters have killed untold numbers of innocent people and filmed the gruesome executions of American journalists, so they are pretty scary. But that does not mean you should dress as them for Halloween, nor does it mean you should ask random people you haven’t spoken to in forever to borrow their “face thing.”

Also a no-no? Sexy ISIS fighters. I’m just looking out for you, okay?

5. Sexy Ebola Nurse

Not only offensive, but also stupid and totally unoriginal.

6. Pot-Leaf Baby Costume

I dunno, I guess you could get away with this if you live in Colorado. Plus, what’s even the point of having a baby if you can’t dress it up as a pot leaf? So edgy.

Unfortunately, Halloween isn’t until tomorrow, so there’s still time for a Darren Wilson costume.

6 of 2014’s Worst Possible Halloween Costumes