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Artist’s Giant ‘Christmas Tree’ Sculpture Actually Looks Like a Giant Butt Plug

A view of 'Tree', Paul Mc Carthy's monumental artwork which has been erected at Place Vendome on October 17, 2014 in Paris, France. This installation is part of the FIAC 'Contemporary Art Fair'. The artwork has raised eyebrows in the French capital because if it's uncanny resemblance to a certain type of sex toy.
Photo: Chesnot/Getty images

American artist Paul McCarthy has erected a giant Christmas tree sculpture at Place Vendome in Paris as part of a contemporary art fair. Unfortunately for him, locals are angry because it looks way more like a butt plug than a holiday decoration.

So far, a right-wing, anti-gay-marriage group has opposed the sculpture, which, like, shut up. McCarthy himself is used to causing a stir with his art —he’s also responsible for a piece called Complex Pile, which is literally an inflatable pile of poop.

Artist’s Tree Sculpture Looks Like a Butt Plug