Terrible Cardinals Fans Are Selling Darren Wilson T-shirts to Spite Michael Brown Protesters

Photo: We Are Darren Wilson

Earlier this week, a gang of white St. Louis Cardinals supporters heckled a “Justice for Mike Brown” protest with drunken insights like “We’re the ones who fuckin’ gave all y’all the freedom that you got,” and chants of “Africa! Africa!” One especially creative guy taped an “I Am Darren Wilson” sign to his jersey, for the Ferguson police officer who fatally shot an unarmed 18-year-old in August. Now, a DIY contingent of the Cards faithful is making a business out of their racist buffoonery.

The WE ARE DARREN WILSON Facebook group is supplying wristbands and apparel, “hand-painting the shirts with stencils” ahead of Saturday’s NLCS game one against the San Francisco Giants.

The 6 on the shirts is apparently meant to stand for “I got your six,” not the number of times Wilson shot Brown. Regardless, go Giants.

After video of the bigoted taunts went viral earlier this week, the team’s vice-president of communications, Ron Watermon, urged the city to come together in “taking a stand against violence as we unite as one community.” In his statement, Watermon added, “we have all been heartbroken by a series of violent events that do not reflect who we are as a people.” The T-shirts, however, really do.

Cardinals Fans Selling Darren Wilson T-shirts