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Racist Libertarian Hero Cliven Bundy Is Back With a Bizarre Campaign Ad

Thankfully, Cliven Bundy is not running for anything in his home state of Nevada, but he is helping someone else out with their campaign. The freeloading rancher and libertarian hero who turned out to be a huge racist has reemerged in a bizarre, depressing ad for third-party congressional candidate Kamau Bakari, who just so happens to be black.

In the video, Bundy and Bakari don matching cowboy hats and hold a little meeting in front of a horse, where they discuss the trouble with “political correctness” while some showdown-at-the-old-saloon music plays. “Cliven, you know that political correctness, that’s bad for America,” Bakari observes. “A man ought to be able to say whatever he wants to say.”

That’s exactly right,” Bundy responds. “I know that black folks have had a hard time with, uh, slavery, and, you know, the government was in on it — and the government’s in on it again … A man ought to be able to express himself without being called names.”

I hear you, Cliven, and I believe you. A brave white man like you might be just what we need to put an end to this political-correctness stuff in America today,” says Bakari. It’s pretty much downhill from there until the end, when they “dare” Eric Holder to come talk to them about race.

In case you were wondering just how weird things are out in Nevada: Bakari, who represents the Independent American, doesn’t stand a chance of unseating Democratic representative Dina Titus. But now that this ad exists, everyone can lose!

Cliven Bundy Stars in Bizarre Campaign Ad