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Andrew Cuomo Is Losing the Coveted Sopranos Cast Member Vote

Photo: HBO

Ahead of tonight’s mostly meaningless New York gubernatorial debate, the political surrogates are doing anything they can to make the race between Andrew Cuomo and whatshisface anywhere close to interesting. “Andrew Cuomo won’t debate Rob Astorino on TV one-on-one,” says Vincent Pastore, best known for playing Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero on The Sopranos, in a YouTube video eagerly highlighted by the Republican campaign. “And they call me Big Pussy?” Oh snap.

Questioning Cuomo’s manhood via fictional mobster is what might be called desperation, but it is Astorino’s only momentum at the moment.

We were told of Mr. Pastore’s interest in speaking out through a Bronx Republican with whom he works,” said the Republican’s campaign spokesperson, who will take what he can get. “His interest in the race is greatly appreciated. There’s something to be said for plain speaking.”

Cuomo’s team is, naturally, disgusted: “Astorino is so unhinged that his vulgarity and desperation are now obvious‎ to everyone,” an outraged spokesperson told the Post. But it is the most entertaining moment of the campaign so far.

Cuomo Losing Coveted Sopranos Cast Member Vote