Tut Ugly

The mask created for the mummy of King Tutankhamun showcases a handsome young man with an aquiline nose and a perfectly maintained beard, and it is one of the most famous icons of ancient Egypt. But researchers recently discovered that the mask may have been an IRL Photoshop job, because the real King Tut was tut ugly.

Italian researchers used 2,000 computer scans of the mummified remains of King Tut to determine the following: The powerful Pharaoh “had girlish hips, a club foot and buck teeth.” His parents may have also been brother and sister. Dream guy!

The researchers were also able to create a digital rendering of what they believe King Tut looked like, and they swaddled him in a diaper to better showcase his womanly figure. Be sure to right click on the image to save it to your porn folder.

Photo: BBC
‘Digital Autopsy’ Shows King Tut Was Really Ugly