Donald Trump Blames Obama for NYC Ebola Case, Calls for His Resignation

THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE -- Season 12 -- Pictured: Donald Trump -- Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC
Photo: Mitch Haaseth/NBC

After New York City doctor Craig Spencer tested positive for Ebola on Thursday evening, many amateur epidemiologists took to Twitter to condemn the Doctors Without Borders physician who volunteered to care for Ebola patients in Guinea. Meanwhile, Nick Muzin, deputy chief of staff to Senator Ted Cruz, suggested the White House was to blame, tweeting, “Before Obamacare, there had never been a confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S.” After much mockery, he called the deleted tweet a “bad joke,” but in a Twitter rant Donald Trump suggested Muzin didn’t go far enough. “If this doctor, who so recklessly flew into New York from West Africa,has Ebola,then Obama should apologize to the American people & resign!” he declared.

Trump also encouraged people to panic, offering some false information about how Ebola works:

He continued after the diagnosis was confirmed:

Then Trump started to get nasty. Not only is Obama a “A TOTAL incompetent,” he’s worse than Jimmy Carter!

No idea what’s going on here. Obama spoke to Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio via phone on Thursday night, and golf wasn’t on his schedule.

Finally, Trump urged Obama to stop flights from West Africa, though health experts say that would make the situation worse.

Assuming Obama is taking Trump’s advice, he resigned six tweets ago, so that last one should probably be directed to President Biden.

Donald Trump Blames Obama for NYC Ebola Case