Airport Strangers Unite to Take Down Violent, Glassy-Eyed Homophobe

Below you will find a cell-phone video that is both depressing and satisfying. It stars an unnamed, possibly intoxicated man acting like a total asshole at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, pulling off his jacket and shouting at one of his fellow travelers — a guy in a pink shirt — for no apparent reason. Another dude tries to intervene by asking the first man what he’s so upset about. “Queers is what I’m upset about!” he hollers. “This faggot right here!” After saying some more dumb things, the United States’ newest villain kicks the pink-shirted man in the groin while calling him a “fucking queer.”

It only takes a second for about half a dozen bystanders — plus a police officer — to pile onto the glassy-eyed homophobe and pin him to the ground. A second officer rushes in to help his colleague arrest the man, whose charm offensive is not over. “Let me tell you the reason why I did it! This is America, that’s why,” he yells. “The same reason you get to live and breathe and walk while black,” he says to the cops, who are black.

Eventually, the cops get the guy to his feet and drag him toward the airport’s exit with his butt hanging out of his jeans, somehow making him look even more disgusting than he already is.

Homophobe Taken Down at Dallas Airport