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Loose Money Flies Onto Highway; Drivers Too Busy Grabbing It to Instagram, Drive

ACEBM8 Stack of bundled 100 dollar bills
Photo: D. Hurst / Alamy/? D. Hurst / Alamy

The door of an armored vehicle flew open on I-270 in Maryland this morning, sending thousands of dollars fluttering out into the road. “Traffic came to a stop when all the motorists stopped to pick up the cash,” a police spokesperson said, according to the Washington Post. “The cash was so quickly picked up by numerous motorists” that by the time police arrived, “there wasn’t much to pick up.”

For perhaps the first time in 2014, the incident was not documented on social media, probably because “people were too busy collecting cash to take a picture,” police said.

Law-enforcement dogs did manage to find $200 left on the side of the road, while another $1,160 was returned by some guilty sucker angel:

Miraculously, no one even got hurt.

Loose Money Stops Traffic on Maryland Highway