The New Ice Bucket Challenge Is Just Guys Grabbing Their Balls

As the nights grow dark earlier and earlier, citizens of the internet must find a new viral meme to distract themselves from our grueling, inevitable march toward the grave. Now that the Ice Bucket Challenge has finally disappeared from all but the most basic of Facebook News Feeds, we’re free to latch on to the newest phenomenon sweeping the internet: ball-grabbing.

There’s a new testicular-cancer-awareness campaign, you see, called #feelingnuts. Male celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Ricky Gervais, and Tyson Beckford are posting photos of themselves grabbing their balls in an effort to raise awareness, as if dudes do not constantly attempt to make us aware of their balls already.

They’re nominating each other, too! 

I guess this is better than more bad news about Ebola.

Male Celebs Grab Their Balls in #FeelingNuts