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Creepy Dude Pretended to Be a Twilight Actor to Get Young Girls

Photo: Jasper County Sheriff

There are plenty of totally legit reasons to pose as an actor from the teen-hysteria vehicle Twilight: to get free stuff, like pizza; to impress strangers on the internet; or to try to finally capture the hard-won approval of your father. Less legit? Pretending to be a Twilight actor so you can hook up with middle-school girls.

The Daily News reports that a 33-year-old San Diego man named David LaVera has been indicted on federal child-porn charges for allegedly posing as Kiowa Gordon, an actor who plays one of the werewolves in the popular film franchise, to lure young women. The dude doesn’t even remotely resemble Gordon, but he was apparently convincing enough to get school authorities to let him perform a stunt presentation, and even get invited to an eighth-grade pool party. 

Impressionable teens, of course, fell for the act head over heels, and LaVera was arrested in June in Iowa while driving around with a teen girl. He’s been charged with knowingly producing child pornography or sexual exploitation of a minor, and knowingly possessing child pornography.

Man Poses As Twilight Actor to Get Young Girls