snakes on a train

Man Snuggles 2 Huge Snakes on the Subway; Woman Next to Him Keeps Reading

Photo: Eric Hertzog/Instagram

It’s not quite as gnarly as the condom or the cheese guy, but this man touching his enormous boa constrictor (not a metaphor) to his face is entirely inappropriate behavior for underground, in an enclosed space. And yet the woman next to him just keeps right on reading her iPad.

Even when he lets one of the creatures play on the pole:


11pm subway. Dude just letting his snake chill like its nothing. #snakesonasubway #SamuelLJackson #nope

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Either she’s his over-it wife or she’s the most chill person in New York City. Maybe both.

Man Snuggles 2 Huge Snakes on the Subway