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N.J. Teacher Sacked for Mocking Student’s Name

Photo: Voisin/Phanie/Corbis

New Jersey teacher Yvette Nicholas had some trouble teaching her elementary-school class when she realized one of her students had a name that sounded an awful lot like some common English expletive. Instead of being a mature, professional teacher with 13 years of experience, she took to venting on Facebook, and has now been accused of bullying and harassing the student. 

I want to ask the parents if I can change it,” she wrote, and apparently responded to another poster by writing, “How do you think I feel when I have to address him???? I literally can’t stop laughing! I have to go all year with this’—!!!”

While the student’s name has not been released, we imagine the initial exchange went something like this:

N.J. Teacher Sacked for Mocking Student’s Name