NY1 Anchor Politely Reminds New Yorkers Not to Eat Poop

Ebola has officially come to our city, but that doesn’t mean that New Yorkers — internationally hailed for being jaded assholes — will irrationally panic. But just to be safe, NY1 anchor Errol Louis has some salient advice for anyone hoping to avoid contracting Ebola from subway poles or bowling balls (which, by the way, is extremely unlikely).

Louis’s advice basically boils down to: Do not eat feces. Really, if you think about it, it’s great advice for any situation in your life. Should you buy that expensive outfit? Don’t eat poop! Should you quit your job? Don’t eat poop! Want to break up with your significant other? Seriously, don’t eat poop.


NY1 Anchor Reminds New Yorkers Not to Eat Poop