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Someone Smeared Poop All Over a Bunch of Citi Bikes

Photo: John Marsh via Gothamist

Poop! It’s fun to joke about but not fun to sit in when you are just trying to participate in New York City’s bike-share program (or ever). Unfortunately, the New York Daily News reports that a surveillance camera caught a man “toting a bag full of feces” and “smearing excrement onto the seat of every Citi Bike locked into a docking station” at around 1:25 a.m. on Friday. Though someone reported the situation to Citi Bike’s operator, NYC Bicycle Share, at 9 a.m., workers reportedly did not arrive to clean up the poop until five, which means it just sat there all day. “Some people have taken the bikes without knowing the seats are dirty,” a witness said. Dirty does not seem like a strong enough word.

Person Smeared Poop on Citi Bikes