The International Bill of Human Rights, According to Martin O’Malley

Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is a democratic presidential hopeful who considers himself more a millennial than a baby boomer. He gets the kids. He’s DTF (Down to go to Friendly’s). He also believes Wi-Fi is a human right.

What are some other things O’Malley considers a human right? Let’s wildly speculate.

1. Delicious, sugary cereal.

2. That thing where the train conveniently arrives right as you’re swiping your MetroCard.

3. Writing Gone Girl think pieces.

4. The approval of your parents.

5. A Star Wars reimagining.

6. Uber.

7. Dogs wearing little boots on their paws when it rains.

8. Sleeping until noon on Sundays.

9. Watching porn in an incognito window.

10. Extra guacamole.


Presidential Hopeful: ‘Wi-Fi Is a Human Right’