The Satanic Temple Has a Cute and Cuddly New Coloring Book

Children in Florida may soon be receiving a fun Satanist coloring book at school. The Satanic Temple is pushing for distribution, submitting the well-made workbook and fact sheets about the faith to the district for approval after Bibles were given out to local schoolkids by a Christian group.

Since the World Changers of Florida handed out the holy books last February (with the intention of changing at least minds, if not worlds), other groups, like atheists and Satanists, have attempted to do the same. The school district’s counsel, Woody Rodriguez, told the Orlando Sentinel that Satanist materials would be reviewed in the same manner the atheist ones were. (The Temple happens to be the same publicity-loving group fighting for Satanic monuments in Oklahoma.)

To be sure, if our materials are consistent with their standards, they can’t simply deny our literature because of its religious viewpoint,” a spokesman for the Satanic Temple said. “If the open forum for distribution goes forward, The Satanic Temple will be there.”

The coloring book invites children to color and solve puzzles with Annabel and Damian, and many of the activities have a strong anti-bullying message. In one, a misunderstood boy serves as a pretext for a word search involving words like friends, love, happiness, and acceptance. That page, and more, below:

Satanists Release Cute and Cuddly Coloring Book