Brooklyn Teacher Who Allegedly Had Sex With Students Also Dressed Up As a Teen Britney Spears for a School Dance

Photo: Sean Shaynak/Facebook

The New York Post has uncovered yet another gross thing about Sean Shaynak, the 44-year-old Brooklyn Technical High School teacher accused of sexually abusing six female students, among other things. In 2012, he attended Brooklyn Tech’s masquerade ball dressed up as Britney Spears in her 1999 ” … Baby One More Time” video — the one that takes place at a Catholic school — complete with a short kilt and an exposed belly. Shaynak also wore a French maid getup to the 2009 dance, where he (ugh) reportedly “flashed his rear end.”

Someone should have told him he was crossing the line,” said an unnamed school staffer way after the fact. While the costumes are minor issues compared to the stuff in Shaynak’s 36-count indictment, the dick-pic Snapchatting, and the time he beat up an 11-year-old boy, the sight of a man who allegedly abused teen girls wearing an underage pop star’s signature sexy outfit does look really creepy in retrospect.

Snapchat Teacher Wore Britney Costume to Dance