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School Board Says Guns in Senior Portraits Are Totally Chill As Long As They’re ‘Tasteful’

Photo: Andr? Babiak/Westend61/Corbis

Laser-cat high-school portraits are so last month. According to the Omaha World-Herald, October’s senior-portrait trend is even less subtle than posing with your bored cat in front of a backdrop of multicolored rays.

Students at Broken Bow Public Schools in central Nebraska will be allowed to pose with guns in their senior portraits, as long as it’s done “tastefully.” This means displaying dead animals a student shot is totally cool, as long as the animal doesn’t appear to be “in distress.” Students can also pose with weapons, like rifles or knives, but they can’t point them at the camera.

The school board’s decision is meant to allow students who like to hunt to showcase their hobbies and sports just like any other student.

We’re guessing this wouldn’t be allowed, then:

Photo: Istvan Csak/Shutterstock

What is going ON with stock photos these days?

‘Tasteful’ Guns in Senior Portraits Are Okay