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White House Knows Kids Hate Words, Plans Emoji-Based Campaign

Photo: Getty Images, Shutterstock

Whenever the Obama administration attempts to communicate with millennials in their native tongue — i.e., memes — the results are somewhat embarrassing. However, it seems the White House has finally realized that crafting an elaborate Obamacare GIF bracket and appearing on Between Two Ferns just makes it look like they’re trying too hard. Now they’re trying a simpler approach: BuzzFeed reports that, starting Thursday, the White House will try to drum up interest in the midterms by sharing information about economic issues like student loans and health care in social-media postings littered with emoji. (For example, “capped student loan payments” will be replaced by the totally rad “capped [graduation hat] loan payments.”) Flannel Pajamas Guy is going to retweet the heck out this!

White House Plans Emoji-Based Campaign