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Who’s the Most Disgusting Subway Rider?

New York’s subway system is one of the best underground public-transportation systems in the world. It’s also one of the grossest. People regularly urinate, defecate, and perform other despicable acts on our city’s trains. And don’t even get us started about this morning’s used condom. Help us pick New York’s most disgusting subway rider. You can vote below.

The Contenders

Old Man Snot

In January 2011, the Smoking Gun published this video of an old guy demonstrating his impressive snot skills and then wiping said skills on the train door.

Ratmouth Guy

He loves his pet rat. Like, a lot. And he shows his love by letting the rat squirm around in his mouth.

Barefoot Beer Lady

Few things communicate “IDGAF” better than kicking off your shoes, spreading out on a crowded train, and guzzling a beer.

Subway-Pole-As-Thong Lady

If you’ve got it, flaunt it — just maybe not on the train where people have to put their hands?

Photo: Dana Rubinstein

Otherwise Respectable Man Devouring Brie

He just wants to read his newspaper and eat a giant wheel of Brie in peace.

Photo: @jimgh141

Used-Condom Guy

We don’t know who he is. We just know he’s disgusting.