Weather Experts Predict This Winter Will Be Just As Miserable As the Last

CHICAGO, IL - JANUARY 06: Ice builds up along Lake Michigan as temperatures dipped well below zero on January 6, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago hit a record low of -16 degree Fahrenheit this morning as a polar air mass brought the coldest temperatures in about two decades into the city. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Photo: Scott Olson/2014 Getty Images

Last winter was the most miserable one we’ve had in a while. Between the polar vortex and the record snow all and the lack of a new Taylor Swift album, it seemed like for five straight months all of life become a frozen hellscape you couldn’t even cry about because your tears would freeze to your face. So here’s some great news: Forecasters believe we’re in for a repeat this winter. Better get out the electric blanket.

Accuweather is forecasting a cold, snowy winter for much of the U.S. The polar vortex will seize the Northeast sporadically beginning in January, and not release us from its clutches for months. And if you’re west of the I-95 corridor, “higher-than-normal snow totals are forecast.” Lookin’ at you, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Guess you’ll be getting all the snow the Midwest and plains will miss out on — several cities in the region are slated for below-average snowfall in 2015.

New York, meanwhile, will see above-average snow totals and freezing temperatures, though luckily the cold spells may not be as enduring as last year’s. Still sounds miserable!

In further bad news, California’s drought won’t be letting up anytime soon, at least in the northern part of the state. According to Accuweather, “After a season of intense wildfires, the precipitation that reaches the Northwest will not be enough to prevent problems next year.” Ain’t climate change grand?


This Winter Will Be Just As Miserable As Last