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Watch Big Boo From Orange Is the New Black Completely Lose It Over a Homophobic Subway Preacher

Photo: Getty Images

Most of us don’t bother yelling back at belligerent and misguided subway preachers, but thank the Lord that Lea Delaria took this task into her hands, if only because it makes for a great video. Some poor guy just wanted to tell folks on their way to work this morning about the eternal hell awaiting the Sodom and Gomorrah that is Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen, but what he got instead was an earful from Orange Is the New Black’s Big Boo herself.

Delaria — who is basically a professional lesbian, the coolest job ever — was well prepared for the confrontation, dressed in a “Bad Jew” T-shirt, outrageous jeans, and holding a “God Hates Bags” tote. She quickly jumped up to give the preacher a piece of her mind, shouting him down and over to the other side of the train car. Eventually, the preacher apparently called Delaria a “dyke.”

The OITNB star also led the other sleepyheads on a Queens-bound M train in a spirited rendition of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” in an attempt to drown him out.

Things got a little heated, so perhaps it’s a good thing that screwdriver from Litchfield is no longer in her custody.

Big Boo Loses It Over Homophobic Subway Preacher