If This Is Really the Operator of Silk Road 2.0, He Is the Epitome of a Stereotypical Brogrammer

The profile image for @blakeeb, which is believed to be Benthall’s Twitter accoutn. Photo: Blake Benthall/Twitter

This morning, the United States District Attorney announced that it had arrested 26-year-old Blake Benthall in San Francisco for allegedly operating Silk Road 2.0, a black market website hidden on the deep web. Based on the detailed information provided about Benthall in the federal complaint, we think we’ve found his Facebook, Twitter, and Hacker News accounts — and if this is actually the guy who ran Silk Road 2.0, he is just as stereotypically Silicon Valley bro as you could’ve possibly imagined.

1. He works as a software engineer at SpaceX.

2. He bought a Tesla Model S … in Bitcoin.

3. He identifies as libertarian.

4. He rode the Startup Bus at SXSW.

5. He comments on Hacker News.

6. He wants to change his name to a hashtag.

7. He wants to “gamify” basic aspects of human existence.

8. He wears shutter shades and codes in Ruby on Rails.


Silk Road 2.0 Operator Is the Biggest Valley Bro