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Bomb Threat Forces American Airlines Passengers to Evacuate at JFK Airport

Photo: Robert Wolf/Twitter

Traveling on the Sunday after Thanksgiving is always stressful, but the people of American Airlines Flight 67 had an especially tough time this year. At around 11:55 a.m. someone called in a bomb threat involving the Boeing 767, which was flying from Barcelona to John F. Kennedy International Airport. When the plane landed in Queens just after noon, its 200 passengers and nine crew members were greeted by dozens of emergency responders.

The New York Daily News reports that the passengers spent about 30 minutes sitting on the tarmac before they were evacuated and shuttled to one of the airport’s terminals. Some of them passed the time by taking photos and tweeting:

Dogs and humans are now in the process of searching every piece of Flight 67’s luggage, which will probably be given back to their owners, eventually. Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that firefighters and PAPD K-9 units are searching the plane itself. Welcome home, everybody.

Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation at JFK