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Couple Rides the N Train So Much That They Decided to Get Married on It

A Number 7 subway train waits for passengers at the Times Square, 42nd Street station, Manhattan, New York City, USA
Photo: Wendy Connett/flickr/Getty Images

On Friday afternoon, with the New York Daily News and a handful of commuters looking on, 25-year-old Tatyana Sandler and 26-year-old Hector Irakliotis got married on the N train. “We’ve been through a lot. Good times, bad times, and a lot of the good times have taken place on the train. Confessions of love, reconciliations, goofy, ridiculous conversations — the whole spectrum,” explained Irakliotis. “In New York, you spend so much time on the train, we thought why not?” Well, there’s the chance that you could end up pledging your undying love within feet of gross cheese, barefoot drunk people, and/or used condoms — but that could happen at any wedding, really. So, sure, why not?

Despite the unusual setting, the ceremony included a lot of traditional elements, with the groom and his groomsmen decorating the subway seats and poles with white ribbons before the bride, who wore white, and her maid-of-honor boarded the car a few stops later. After the couple exchanged vows, an interfaith chaplain pronounced them man and wife as the train crossed the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan. The wedding party then got off at Canal Street and headed for a bar to celebrate having found a New York City wedding venue that costs less than $3 per guest. Congratulations! Here’s some video:

Couple Gets Married on N Train