Darren Wilson Is Going to Be a Father

In the latest installment of his interview with George Stephanopoulos, Darren Wilson revealed that his wife, fellow cop Barbara Spradling, is pregnant. (That probably explains why the couple decided to marry last month, despite the fact that Wilson was still in hiding and facing the possibility of indictment.) After confirming that he is going to be a father, Wilson said, “I’m just a simple guy. That’s all I am.”

Wilson also talked about what he plans to do now that he has avoided charges for killing 18-year-old Mike Brown. When asked if would return to the Ferguson Police Department, he responded, “I’m not sure it’s possible. I mean, you think they would accept me? You think it’d be safe for me?” However, he didn’t rule out the possibility, saying, “No decisions have been made.”

Stephanopoulos asked Wilson how he might turn “what you were a part of” into something good. “I would love to teach people. I would love to give more insight on uses of force,” he said.