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Girl Pretends to Be Drunk in Public; Men Immediately Try to Take Her Home

YouTube’s Stephen Zhang decided to up the ante on the controversial catcall video of a few weeks ago and see what would happen if a woman pretended to be drunk in public and asked strangers for help. The results are predictably disgusting.

While one guy tries to point her in the direction of the bus stop she asks for, most insist on taking her back to their place — “I have beer there!” — as if that’s a form of “help.” At the end, one guy even takes her off the arm of another guy who was hitting on her, saying, “You shouldn’t be hanging out with losers like that” before trying to steer her in the direction of his house.

TL;DR: Everyone’s the worst. I suppose the best we can hope for is that this video ends up being some sort of hoax. (UPDATE: Yup, it was a hoax.)

Girl Pretends to Be Drunk to See Men’s Reaction