NYC’s Ebola-Infected Doctor Now Well Enough to Be Mocked by Hospital Staff

Photo: Courtesy of Craig Spencer

Two weeks ago, people were so on edge about New York’s first Ebola patient that Mayor de Blasio felt the need to prove it was safe to eat meatballs again. Now Dr. Craig Spencer is doing so well that sources inside Bellevue Hospital are gently mocking him in the New York Post. Spencer is in stable condition after a plasma transfusion from an Ebola survivor, and the paper reports that he’s been doing yoga, playing a banjo, and exercising on a stationary bike. “It’s super hilarious. Everyone says the doctor is a total hipster!” said a source. He’s also been playing a lot of David Bowie and Interpol, to the point that nurses “keep asking what that god awful music coming from his room is,” the source added. Ugh, everyone knows Aladdin Sane is not music you can fight Ebola to.

Ebola Doctor Well Enough to Be Mocked by Staff