Ebola Nurse Defends Flight: ‘I Would Not Take Ebola to My Family’

Now that Amber Vinson, the second Dallas nurse to contract Ebola, is disease-free, she’s doing the media rounds, insisting that she did everything the CDC told her to. In an interview on Thursday night, she told CNN’s Don Lemon that she has no idea how she contracted Ebola because she was always completely covered in protective gear. “I go through it almost daily in my mind: what happened, what went wrong,” she said. “I followed the CDC protocol … I never strayed.”

Vinson added that she felt CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden was wrong to publicly blame her for taking a commercial flight to Ohio, because the agency gave her permission to fly. “You know, I checked multiple times before I even left Dallas to see if it was okay to go,” she said.

She got choked up when she described being publicly condemned for taking the flight. “I’m a nurse. I care. I care for me, I would not put myself in danger. First, I would not take Ebola to my family and my best girlfriends. I would not endanger families across the nation, potentially exposing them to anything,” she said. “I had no symptoms. There was no way, at that time — I could not transmit it.”

Ebola Nurse Defends Decision to Fly