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Nightmare Guy Mails Ex 15 Baby Chickens to Show Her ‘There Are Lots of Other Chicks Out There’

Photo: Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

One creep with a terrible sense of humor decided that a funny way to prank his ex-girlfriend would be to mail 15 live chicks to her via the famously reliable U.S. Postal Service. The message? “There are lots of other chicks out there.” Heh, so clever.

When the ex-girlfriend received the chicks in the mail, she told the Postal Service worker that she was going to “throw them out,” so he thankfully decided to rescue them. The Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary received the chicks from a Washington D.C. humane society after the mailman brought them in. If you’re single in D.C., sounds like there are two more terrible people back on the market!


Nightmare Man Mails Ex 15 Baby Chickens As Joke