German Town Pranks Neo-Nazis Into Donating to Anti-Nazi Charity

Photo: Fricke/Corbis

Citizens of Wunsiedel in Germany have grown tired of neo-Nazis descending upon their town each year to honor Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy, who was buried there until 2011. So this year, they devised a prank that would present the unwelcome visitors with two options: Either the neo-Nazis could cancel their annual march, or they could unwittingly donate to a national anti-Nazi organization.

According to the Washington Post, a group called Rechts Gegen Rechts organized an initiative where local businesses and residents promised to donate $12.50 to the anti-Nazi charity EXIT Germany for every meter the neo-Nazis walked. They even had colorful banners printed up to cheer on the neo-Nazis in their accidental donation walk.

The neo-Nazis decided to continue their march anyway, meaning they ended up indirectly donating to EXIT Germany. Awkward.


Germans Trick Neo-Nazis Into Donating to Charity