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Hit-and-Run Driver Made Sure to Grab McDonald’s Before Fleeing Scene

Here’s a terrible Friday night (or, more accurately, 4 a.m. on Saturday) story: A man is in critical condition after passing out outside of a Queens McDonald’s and getting run over by a car whose driver fled.

Eighteen-year-old Jonathan Brown, the manager of the Merrick Boulevard McDonald’s, told the New York Daily News, “The guy, I think he was drunk, was in the drive-thru leaning on a car randomly. Then he fell and I thought he was dead so I called the cops. Thirty seconds later a car came and just hit him. Then the car backed up and drove around him and picked up his food.” The NYPD is currently searching for the owner of the vehicle, a white Nissan Altima. The New York Post reports that someone who called 911 from the scene said “he doesn’t believe the driver saw [the victim] in the roadway and unintentionally struck him,” but that obviously doesn’t explain why they didn’t stick around to figure out what had happened.

Hit-and-Run Driver Grabbed Food Before Leaving