Quiz: Who Said It, Will Smith’s Kids or L. Ron Hubbard?

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The son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden, is currently into reading books that “can’t be pre-dated.” Their daughter, Willow, is trying to make music that comes “from source energy and universal truths.” L. Ron Hubbard is a prolific science-fiction writer who established a controversial religion that some have deemed a cult. The stuff that comes out of each of their mouths is virtually indistinguishable (their parents are, of course, no strangers to Scientology). Come, take our quote quiz, and see if you can tell the difference between something L. Ron Hubbard said and something the Fresh Prince’s kids said.

1“This is a fragment of a holographic reality that a higher consciousness made.”

2“Freedom is for honest people.”

3“A civilization is as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamt by artists.”

4“Breathing is meditation; life is a meditation. You have to breathe in order to live, so breathing is how you get in touch with the sacred space of your heart.”

5“I am studying ancient civilizations, trying to find what happened to them, finding out why they went into a decline, why they died.”

6“You can discover everything you need to know about everything by looking at your hands.”

7“Because living.”

8“A science is something which is constructed from truth on workable axioms.”

9“Living is a pretty grim joke, but a joke just the same.”

10“I mean, time for me, I can make it go slow or fast, however I please, and that’s how I know it doesn’t exist.”

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Quote Quiz: Will Smith’s Kids or L. Ron Hubbard?