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KKK Threatens Lives of Ferguson Protesters Ahead of Grand Jury’s Darren Wilson Decision

A grand jury decision on whether Darren Wilson will face criminal charges in the shooting of Mike Brown is expected any day now, and the local KKK chapter is doing what it can to inflame an already tense situation. Vice News reports that the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan have been distributing flyers threatening to use “fatal force” against protesters in Ferguson.

To the terrorists masquerading as ‘peaceful protesters’: You have awakened a sleeping giant,” shrieks the hand-out, which has been making the rounds in the St. Louis area and online. “Your right to freedom of speech does not give you the right to terrorize citizens. We will use lethal force as provided under Missouri Law to defend ourselves,” it continues before citing, “You have been warned by the Ku Klux Klan! There will be consequences for your acts of violence against the peaceful, law-abiding citizens of Missouri.”

This is not the first time that the Klan has attempted to exploit the tension in Ferguson: Back in August, another Missouri chapter of the hate group started a fund-raiser to benefit Wilson for “doing his job against the Negro criminal.” (Of course, a lot of supposedly “normal” people were also eager to give money to Wilson.) Earlier this week, Traditionalist American Knights leader Frank Ancona observed that, “These Ferguson protesters are the best recruiters since Obama.”

While the KKK is calling for blood, Ferguson’s protest groups are trying to plan calm demonstrations to follow the (likely) announcement that Wilson will not be indicted. Meanwhile, the police are pledging to respect protesters’ rights and stocking up on new riot gear. In a recent press conference, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said that the National Guard would be available to “support” the St. Louis County police, the St. Louis city police, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol following the grand jury decision. As for whether law enforcement was taking the KKK’s threats seriously, a St. Louis County police spokesman said that the department was “taking measures to gather intelligence on any groups who may incite violence.”

KKK Threatens Lives of Ferguson Protesters