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Man Charged in Subway Death Allegedly Pushed Another Rider

Following a three-day manhunt, 34-year-old Kevin Darden was charged with murder for allegedly pushing 61-year-old Wai Kuen Kwok in front of an oncoming train at the East 167th Street subway station, the New York Times reports. Police say they were able to make the arrest after a 51-year-old man, who is also Asian, identified Darden as the person who pushed him to the platform of the West Fourth Street subway station on November 6. “You shouldn’t walk in front of me,” the attacker said before shoving the man to the ground. “I’m warning you.”

Darden’s mother, Berlyn Joyce Jones, told the Post he is homeless and suffering from mental illness. He has been arrested 30 times and was charged with pouring gasoline on his brother’s home in East Texas in an apparent attempt to light the house on fire.

I’m glad they got him off the streets, and I’m glad he’s not dead,” Jones said. She also offered her condolences to Kwok’s family. “I feel so, so sorry for those people and what happened,” she said. “I know that won’t bring him back, but I am so, so sorry.”

Man Charged in Subway Death, Pushed Other Rider