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The Naked Subway Guy Has Been Naked in Other Places

After making the rounds on the internet for a couple of days, a photo of a guy wearing nothing but sneakers while he rode the E train landed on the front of the New York Post. According to tabloid reader Melanie Lazenby, the man’s Jack Daniel’s–fueled subway ride was not the first time he’s been naked in public.

Lazenby recalled a recent visit to a New York City park, where a dude with the same tattoos, hunched posture, and blue-striped sneakers as the MTA’s new mascot “walked up, removed all of his clothes and put them in his bag and sat down and put his headphones on.” Of course, she Instagrammed the moment and then helpfully created a diptych of it and the Post cover. “He was completely harmless,” Lazenby said. “He was in his own world. People would walk by and take pictures, and he never made eye contact.” 

This means that there are probably many more images of this guy’s naked wanderings. You know what to do, people.

Naked Subway Guy Has Been Naked in Other Places