Adorable Panhandling Pit Bull Is the New Squeegee Man

The New York Post has made its position on panhandling very clear. Over the summer it condemned Times Square’s “costumed menaces” and declared that the “bad old days” are back upon learning that two “squeegee men” were “terrorizing” the city. However, it appears the Post is fine with shaking down strangers for cash when it’s an adorable dog doing the begging. The paper reports that a Bronx pit bull named Bobby has been “turning animal lovers’ hearts mushier than canned Purina” by walking up to strangers with a plastic bucket in his mouth and begging for “tips for dog food.” The Post notes that his master, Jose Suarez, did time for selling drugs and is now unemployed, but they don’t even care because, ZOMG, did you notice he’s wearing little doggie sunglasses?!?!

Panhandling Pit Bull Is the New Squeegee Man