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Airplane Gods Waited Two Extra Days to Rescue North Korean Hostages

epa04316269 A picture released by the North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on 15 July 2014 shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (C) attending a live-fire drill by a North Korean artillery unit near the eastern border with South Korea. KCNA reported it on 15 July 2014, without elaborating on the timing of the visit. EPA/KCNA SOUTH KOREA OUT
Photo: KCNA/epa/Corbis

The only thing worse than being a hostage in North Korea may be knowing that you’re going to be rescued by your government … and then having to wait two extra days because of plane trouble. That’s apparently what happened to Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller, when the C-40 aircraft carrying Intelligence Director James Clapper broke down on its way to Pyongyang. What the Boeing did, exactly, to piss off its heavenly overlords is unclear, but the Air Force has reportedly had a bit of trouble with similar models.

Plane Gods Waited 2 Extra Days to Save Hostages