Porpoise F*cks Himself to Death

06 Jun 2003, Westerland, Sylt, Germany --- A file picture dated 6 June 2003 shows a porpoise in the North Sea nearby Sylt, Germany. German Baltic Sea waters are, according to the German Maritime Museum, an important habitat for the endangered species of porpoises. A science project that was launched in 2002 found proof, that porpoises come to these waters in spring and summer for matching. The number of porpoises that was counted in spring and summer is higher than in winter. Porpoises match and give birth in spring and summer. Photo: Wolfgang Runge --- Image by ? Wolfgang Runge/dpa/Corbis
Photo: Wolfgang Runge/? Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

A 110-pound porpoise found dead and bloodied in an English alleyway appears to have died as you wish you lived: boning a lot. Scientists believe the mammal expended too much energy mating without eating and died of starvation. His death, therefore, was accidental, and not … on porpoise.


Porpoise Dies From Too Much Boning