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Drunken Santas Won’t Puke All Over Bushwick After All

Congratulations, Bushwick: SantaCon 2014 will not flood your streets with vomit after all. On Wednesday night, City Councilmember Rafael Espinal Jr. announced that his neighborhood had eliminated the threat of the dreaded December bar crawl, which revealed its plan to move from the East Village to Brooklyn earlier this week.

While SantaCon’s organizers claim they simply realized that Bushwick lacks the “capacity” to deal with legions of wasted, red-suited bros (and their misguided female counterparts), the decision likely had something to do with all the local business owners who immediately vowed not to participate in the event. (“We don’t need the added revenue. Bushwick is doing well without it,” said Espinal.) Whether any New York City neighborhood is cash-strapped enough to consider accommodating the very bad Santas remains unclear. 

SantaCon 2014 Not Coming to Bushwick After All