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Sneaking Vodka, Drugs, and Razor Blades Into Rikers Island Is Pretty Damn Easy

UNITED STATES - FEBRUARY 13: Aerial view of Rikers Island.
Not so secure. Photo: Todd Maisel/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images

Add it to the list of pressing issues at New York City’s prison complex: The security checkpoints used by employees do not work. At all. A recent test by the Department of Investigation found, “Weapons and narcotics remain easily available to any inmate with funds to pay for them,” according to a new report shaming the Correction Department checkpoints for being as porous as the U.S. border in Rick Perry’s imagination. 

This wasn’t a onetime test either:

The agency said it sent an undercover investigator dressed as a correction officer six times with razor blades, alcohol and drugs. On every occasion, the undercover made it into Rikers detention centers without the contraband being detected.

n each occasion, the investigator was able to get 250 packets of heroin, 24 strips of a prescription drug similar to methadone, 1 1/2 pounds of marijuana, a 16-ounce bottle of vodka and a razor blade by the jail’s security checkpoints.

$22,000 worth of goods, all stuffed in some cargo pants. And we thought Orange Is the New Black was unrealistic.

Sneaking Drugs and Razors Into Rikers Is Easy