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Dartmouth Student Asks Rick Perry If He’d Have Anal Sex for Campaign Donations

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Former presidential candidate and current Texas governor Rick Perry visited Dartmouth on Sunday night to dispense some of his political wisdom. On his agenda, according to the school paper The DartmouthU.S. border security, energy initiatives, and foreign policy. But what else did students end up asking him about? Butt stuff.

Some Dartmouth students reportedly created and circulated a one-page sheet to refer to should they get chosen to ask a question. It included questions such as, “I know you have been very strong on all foreign policy issues, including Somali pirates, but what is your stance on butt pirates?” and “Does your ideal anti-sodomy law prevent me from playing with my own poop shoot?” (Top conservatives on Twitter are, unsurprisingly, not amused.)

Though the students didn’t get a chance to ask all of their clever questions, The Dartmouth reports:

Emily Sellers ’15 asked if Perry would have anal sex in exchange for campaign contributions of $102 million, while Timothy Messen ’18 accused the governor of comparing homosexuality to alcoholism. 

College students: still extremely mature.

Student Asks Rick Perry If He’d Have Anal Sex