That ‘Drunk Girl’ Viral Video Was a Hoax

That “Drunk Girl” video that purported to show men trying to take home a woman pretending to be drunk as some sort of “social experiment” was a hoax, just as we wished. Everything’s a lie, nothing is real, life is meaningless, etc., etc.

The Smoking Gun reports that the men in the video were told they were acting in a funny student film, and had no idea the real intentions of the director when they were recruited by video creators Seth Leach and Stephen Zhang, the CEO of viral marketing company Hygo Inc. When one of the men who appeared spoke out on Facebook, Leach sent him a message. “The important thing to consider is that this video is going to get you well known and have a future with us and our company,” it read. “Just go with it dude.”

Guess this explains why the “predators’” faces weren’t blurred.