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U.K. Tourism Board Destroys Beloved Childhood Literary Figure in Single Tweet

The U.K. tourism board has taken something wonderful, like an internationally heralded toy bear dressed neatly in a duffle coat and wide-brimmed hat, and ruined it with a single tweet. 

Here you see beloved childhood literary character Paddington Bear heinously Photoshopped to appear as if he is taking a selfie before Buckingham Palace, protecting his signature red hat from the imaginary wind. I think we all know that the Paddington Bear we grew up with, cherished for his adorable mishaps and love of marmalade, would not pose for a freakin’ selfie. Not to mention smartphones didn’t even exist during Paddington’s heyday.

Misplaced outrage targeted at a society evolving faster than I can comprehend: This is what being an Old feels like, isn’t it?

Anyway, never go to England.


U.K. Tourism Board Disrespects Paddington Bear