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University of Virginia Suspends All Frats After Disturbing Sexual Assault Story

Days after Rolling Stone published an article about the “administrative cover-up and apathy” that followed the brutal 2012 gang-rape of a female student at UVA’s Phi Kappa Psi frat house, school president Teresa A. Sullivan released a statement announcing the suspension of “all fraternal organizations and associated social activities” until next semester. She also urged the university community to cooperate with the Charlottesville police department’s investigation of the case, which she requested in the wake of the Rolling Stone story. “We as a community must also do a systematic evaluation of our culture to ensure that one of our founding principles — the pursuit of truth — remains a pillar on which we can stand,” Sullivan wrote. “There is no greater threat to honor than secrecy and indifference.”

UVA Suspends Frats After Sexual Assault Story