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George W. Bush Unveils Portrait of His Dad’s ‘Gentle Soul’

George W. Bush’s memoir about his dad, 41, comes out this week, but 43 knows what the people really want: more of his occasionally decent art. So, during a Monday Today appearance to promote the book, Bush unveiled a father-son portrait. “I was very proud to be standing next to a man I admire greatly. First thing I wanted to make sure is I got the noses right,” he said of the painting, in which both men have a kind of glassy-eyed, turtlelike quality. “I’ve tried to paint a gentle soul, and I did it. As for me, I kind of bumbled through.” Why shell out $28 to learn about W.’s relationship with George Sr. when he’s already summarized it so well?

W. Unveils Portrait of His Dad’s ‘Gentle Soul’