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Ghost Yelling in Store Walls Turns Out to Be a Real, Live Man

A man trapped in a wall at the rear of a Marshalls store in Longmont, Colo., crawls out of a hole and onto a backboard Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014. Longmont Police Sgt. Matt Cage said Paul Felyk, 35, was taken to Longmont United Hospital after falling about 20 feet inside the walls and becoming trapped. The extent of his injuries was unknown Tuesday afternoon. Cage said there was evidence at the scene to suggest Felyk had been trapped in the wall as long as three days.
Photo: AP Photo/The Daily Times Call, Lewis Geyer

Emergency crews rescued 35-year-old Paul Felyk from within the walls of a Marshalls department store in Longwood, Colorado, on Tuesday, a day after employees first said they’d heard someone yelling. They initially couldn’t quite figure out where the noise was coming from, making it likely that Felyk — who entered through a vent — had been trapped there since the weekend. He was taken to a nearby hospital, and if Google results for his name are any indication, Felyk wasn’t just trying to scale the building for fun.

Yelling in Store Walls Turns Out to Be Live Man